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                                                                      Awards and Accolades


2009 Society of Professional Journalist Awards       2008 International Regional Magazine

Gold Award for "Tree Amid the Clouds"                  Gold  Award for "Tree Amid the Clouds"  

Category:  General Photography                                  Category:  Single Photograph


Silver Award for "Sunset, Quanah Parker Lake"          

Category: General Photography


2008 GRAPHEX 39 Art Directors Club of Tulsa                 43rd International Photography Hall Citation                                                                                      of Fame Awards (2004)

Category: Illustration                                                             "Accepted" (Honorable Mention)

Category: Nature

Entry: Early Spring/Storm Approaching                             Entry:  "Tiger Lily"

(a.k.a. "Centennial Farm")

Issue: November/December 2007


              Copyright Statement

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